Competition Brief

Wake up the sleeping data”

China International Big Data Mining Competition 2017(CIBDMC 2017)will follow the innovation-driven, pragmatic and efficient principles, attract and incentivise global talents and leading technologies in data mining and application. The main goal is to clarify the path of value realization of big data, dig up original-minded projects, incubate applied projects and select high-quality projects, so as to promote sharing of open data, build an enabling and sustainable big data ecosystem, serve industrial restructuring and stimulate the digital economy in Guizhou.



About the Competition

The competition aims at deep delving of open government data to enhance good governance, improve people’s standards of living, promote the development goals of the data industry, integrate the big data value chain, establish a sustainable data ecosystem, and promote the national big data strategy...

Format of Competition

Big-data-related businesses, teams, and makers of data mining and delving, organizations in and around the digital economy, and projects and schemes contributing to the “third information-propelled industrial revolution”...


Prizes for the Mining Competition / Prizes for the Application Competition / Apart from prizes for competitors, collaborators that provide project, channel and funding support will also be awarded. The exact prizes and sums will be adjusted on site to ensure maximum incentive...

Organization of the Competition

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